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Date of Manufacture is in (parenthesis):

Miss Piggy with Eyelashes(90), Kermit(90), Miss Piggy(90), Fozzie(90), Gonzo(90), Ninja Turtle(90), Ninja Turtle(90), Ninja Turtle(90), Bunny(90), Lamb(90), Chick with Hat(90), Fat Ear Easter Bunny(90), Witch(90), Dr. Skull(90), Pumpkin B(90), Pumpkin A(70)

Smurfette(90), Smurf(90), Papa Smurf(90), Road Runner B(80), Merlin Mouse(90), Cool Cat(80), Daffy Duck(90), Sylvester(90), Petunia Pig(90), Speedy Gonzales(90), Tweety(90), Foghorn Leghorn(80), Henry Hawk(80), Bugs Bunny(90), Bugs Bunny(80)

Li'l Bad Wolf(80), Mowgli(80), Pluto(90), King Louie(80), Winnie the Pooh, Captain Hook, Mickey Mouse, Dumbo, Dalmation Pup(80), Goofy C(90), Baloo, Mickey Mouse E(90), Jiminy Cricket, Pinocchio B, Bambi(80)

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