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Bolo Bear Pez Dispenser

In 2011, a very unique Pez dispenser was released exclusively for Liverpool Stores in Mexico.

His name is Bolo Bear.

He is a very cute and happy teddy-like bear, and he wears a purple sweater.

The Bolo Bear Pez dispenser is $12.95 (loose).

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Incredibles Pez

Soon after the release of the 2004 Pixar film "The Incredibles", Pez introduced 4 Incredible Pez dispensers.

Mr. Incredible, Elastigirl, Dash, and Jack Jack.

Closely watch the scene with Mr. Incredible and the purse snatcher, on the roof top. You will see a Mr. Incredible Pez dispenser in the movie!

The set of 4 Incredibles Pez is $12.95, MIP.

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Incredibles Pez set of 4
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Ratatouille Pez Dispensers

Released in 2007 for the new Disney - Pixar film called Ratatouille
(RAT * A * TOO * EE), there are 4 characters to this set:

•   Remy (rat)
•   Emile (rat)
•   Skinner (chef)
•   Linguini (chef)

Remy wants to be a French chef but finds it hard to get employment because he is a rat.

The set of 4 Ratatouille Pez dispensers is $10.00 (MIP).

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Pez Christmas Set

In 2002, Pez released a new set of Christmas Pez dispensers.

Santa Claus gets a new look, the Snowman receives a new hat and scarf, and the Polar Bear now wears a cap.

And a new character was added - a Reindeer with a black nose--sorry Rudolph.

The set of 4 Christmas Pez dispensers is $10.00 (MIP).

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E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial

To celebrate the 2002 re-release of the movie "E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial", Pez created 2 E.T. Pez dispensers. One dispenser features a red hood, and one does not.

Do you remember when Elliot, the little boy who discovers E.T, shows him a Pez dispenser? It happens right after he shows E.T. his fish tank! See if you can tell which dispenser it is.

The E.T. set of 2 is $34.95, loose.

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1998 Pez Asterix Series

Re-issued in 1998, this new series features four characters from the popular European Asterix comic books.

From left to right: Aserix, a shrewd warrior that gets his strength from a magic potion, Obelix, Asterix's inseparable friend, Muselix, the venerable village druid and the Roman Soldier, who helped occupy the city of Gaul in 50 B.C.

The Asterix Series is sold as a complete set of four for $40.00, loose.

Asterix series
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Barky Brown Pez

Barky Brown is a Limited Edition Pez dispenser created for Australia's Animal Welfare League.

Only 10,000 Barky Browns were made.

Barky Brown is $16.95, sold loose.
Barky Brown is $21.95, MOC (Mint-on-Card).

Stem color may vary.

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Barky (loose)
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Barky (MOC)
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