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STAR TREK The Next Generation
Limited Edition Pez Set

A Limited Edition of 200,000 sets, each set includes 12 packs of Pez candy refills.

The 8 Pez characters are:

· Beverly Crusher     · Worf
· Geordi La Forge     · Jean-Luc Picard
· USS Enterprise     · Deanna Troi
· William T Riker       ·Data

The set of all 8 Star Trek The Next Generation Pez is $26.95, sold mint-in-box.

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Muppets Pez Dispensers
Set of 3

Shortly after the release of the 2011 Disney film "The Muppets," Pez released 3 new Muppets characters.

- Kermit the Frog
- Miss Piggy
- Animal

The set of all 3 Muppets Pez is $9.95, sold mint-in-package.

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Click 'N Play
Winnie the Pooh Series

The new CLICK N PLAY design allows you to "twist off" the character on top of the dispenser!

The first series of CLICK N PLAY dispensers are 6 Winnie the Pooh characters.

The set includes Tigger, Eeyore, Piglet, Roo and 2 different Winnies.

The set of 6 is, $36.95, sold loose.

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Click 'N Play - Winnie
set of 6 - Add to Cart

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The Simpsons Pez Dispensers

Ever since the museum opened in 1995, when collectors were asked "What New Dispenser Would You Like To See?", the most popular answer has been The Simpsons.

And, by golly, in March 2000, the Pez company introduce The Simpsons.

The whole Simpson family is here -- Homer, Marge, Bart, Lisa and Maggie!

Now retired, the Simpsons Pez set of 5 is $25.00/set, mint-in-bag.

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European Santa "Bastel" Craft Set

This unique playset from Europe features a Santa Pez dispenser, Santa Body Part including boots , 6 packages of Pez refills candy and a very special fold-out background.

When opened, the packaging reveals a warm and cozy living room with stockings hung at the chimney and cookies put out for Santa. A special cut-and-fold Christmas tree is also part of the set. And the window can be adjusted to display either evening or daylight.

Each Santa Craft Set is $19.95.

Quantity is limited.

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Elvis Pez Gift Set

Released in July 2007, this very special Pez Gift Tin features 3 versions of the King of Rock 'n Roll - Elvis Presley.

There is a '50's Elvis, a '60's Elvis and a '70's Elvis Pez dispenser. Also included in the Gift Tin is a musical CD sampler, plus 3 packs of Pez candy.

Only 400,000 were made, each with a unique holographic serial number sticker.

The Elvis Gift Tin is sold out.

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Orange County Chopper Pez Set

A historic first, the Pez Company has released 3 dispensers of real, live people. The three stars of the hit TV show "American Chopper" on the Discovery Channel are the very first real, live, breathing people made into Pez dispensers.

Paul Teutul Sr., Paul Teutul Junior, and Mikey Teutul are packaged in a beautiful tin box. This packaging is first rate. And the dispensers are very well done too.

A booklet that describes this unique family of motorcycle (chopper) builders is included. And it even comes with 3 packages of Pez candy. Pez calls this OCC series a "Custom Limited Edition."

The Orange County Chopper Pez Tin set is sold out.

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