Dear PEZ Pals on the Internet,

Cheri and I would like to extend a very special invitation to you to participate in some of the festivities of The Third Annual West Coast PEZ Convention in the comfort of your home and in front of your computer. Obviously, I'm talking about the Internet. Last year NET-PEZHEADS were able to make history by participating in the first non-technical convention that incorporated the Internet in real time with the activities of the convention. Of course none of this would be possible without the endless help of Gary and Nancy Doss and we thank them from the bottom of our PEZ®.

As you know PEZ® is hot on the net ... for that matter the net itself is hot. Even Cheri and I have accepted the frustrating challenge of signing onto AOL as we embark on our virginal voyage into cyberspace.

In case you ve been away on a year's mission down the Amazon River to study Portuguese, The Second Annual West Coast Pez® Convention was a tremendous success. In total, 702 enthusiasts of this pop art classic attended the convention from 16 different states, Canada, and as far away as Vienna, Austria. The media coverage was unbelievable and included national TV and newspaper exposure. Internet registrants who gleefully participated last year joined us from as far away as Maryland.

Before I let you in on some of the tasty tidbits of The Third Annual West Coast Pez® Convention, let me give you my take on the major trends of Pez® collecting right now. This information is based on my understanding of collectibles, as a collector of Pez® for 27 years, being the organizer of the largest attended Pez® convention in the country, having frequent contact with many of the venders who sell Pez® dispensers, as well as having lengthy conversations with the publishers of both Pez® newsletters and Bud Damberg from Pez® Candy, Inc. Over the past six years, Pez® collecting has grown leaps and bounds. It s hard to believe that about seven years ago you could pretty much buy any dispenser for about $10.00 or less. The first Pez® auction I participated in was March, 1992 and was organized by Frank Buczko from Germany. Believe it or not Muselix went for $577.00! Now that was only 4 years ago. Today, if you could find one, it would quickly sell for $3000.00. Also at that same time, Johann Patek was selling Obelix and Asterix for $250.00 each. Now, a miracle will get you one for about $1,500.00. Even the more common dispensers have appreciated. For example, last year they remade Speedy Gonzales, and Daffy Duck. The older Speedy and Daffy (Canadian and European issues) immediately went up to $6.00 each. I dare say that this same trend will happen to the recently discontinued Sylvester, Bugs, and older Black Batman for their newer remakes. Moreover there are five Pez® conventions around the country and two newsletters that all boast substantial increases in attendance and subscribers respectively. The News, TV, and Movies are hot on Pez® . My point is that as a collector, you can use these facts to your advantage! If you ll agree with me that information is power, then the more you know about Pez® , the better your choices will be. That is one of the reasons why participating in The Third Annual West Coast Pez® Convention will be of great benefit to Pez® enthusiasts. Let me prove it to you! This convention is not just another toy show. Instead it will be entertaining, educational, and an opportunity to turn your passion for Pez® loose where prices will be the lowest they will ever be. America, what a country! You see, competition is a wonderful thing.

Let me tell you just a few tempting facts about the convention and your part as an Internet registrant. Gary, Nancy, and several friends on the Internet who will attend will communicate via IRC with you throughout the convention. (You need to know how to chat via IRC.) On Friday, April 4, 1997 we will report to you on all the festivities of the evening. Catch hot new information from our guest speaker, Johann Patek from Vienna, Austria. (What secrets does he have for us this year?) There will be a special drawing for a Pez® dispenser just for Internet registrants (Prize to be determined and announced soon ... the more NET-Pez®HEAD registrants the better the dispenser.

On Saturday, April 5th, get ready to party! Gary Doss will travel around the room and find wonderful Pez® and Pez® related items for you to buy from vendors who are selling at the convention. (Your "Pez® Want Lists" and the prices you are willing to pay must be received via e-mail by April 2, 1997.) NOTE: we have twice as many vendor tables as last year and everyone is bringing their best items.A stationary camera will provide pictures of the show and crowds!

And, let's not forget your participation in an incredible auction! The logistics of all of this will be explained to NET registrants at a later date.

The registration fee is $40.00, limited to 20 Internet participants. For that you get a convention T-shirt, a special gift from Pez® Candy, Inc., (the first time Pez® Candy has provided such a gift to any Pez® convention), access to communicate with others at the convention, information on the highlights of the convention, participation in a drawing for a Pez® dispenser only for Internet registrants, an opportunity on Saturday to buy Pez® dispensers that Gary finds amongst the flood of vender tables, and participation in the auction (held Saturday afternoon at 3:00PM to 4:00PM (PST)

This is your convention, too, so let's make history, let's have fun, let's buy Pez® ! Gary Doss will handle your Internet registrations. He can be reached at or at (415) 347-2301.

Feel free to contact me if you wish.

May the Pez® be with you,

Larry and Cheri Silveira
3930 Agatha Way
San Jose, CA 95136
(408) 269-7566
E-mail: silvei@AOL.COM

Pez® is a registered trademark of Pez® Candy Inc. This convention is not sponsored or affiliated with Pez® Candy Inc.

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