1996 Summer Olympics Torch Relay In Burlingame

Olympic Torch Relay Burlingame was part of history as the Olympic Flame was brought down El Camino Real on May 3, 1996 at 2:20 pm PST. The Olympic Flame was passed to Marlena Uhrik who continued the torch to its next destination. The 1996 Olympic Torch Relay is one of the most exciting elements of the Centennial Olympic Games. An Olympic tradition for 60 years, the Torch Relay will be the largest in the history of the Olympic Games.

Madelane Uhrik The Atlanta Committee for the Olympic Games (ACOG) wanted to bring the Olympic Flame to as many Americans as possible. San Mateo County is part of the 15,000 mile route that is designed to bring the Flame within a two-hour drive of 90% of the U.S. population. The Flame began its cross-country journey in Los Angeles on April 27, 1996 and passed through San Mateo County on Friday morning and afternoon, May 3, 1996.

Number 087 The relay route allowed millions of Americans to see the Olympic Flame as it passed through or near their communities. In addition, 10,000 Americans will have the opportunity of carrying the Olympic Torch as it winds its way across the Continental United States. Burlingame at the corner of Howard Avenue and El Camino Real was Olympic Torch Relay Stop number 087


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