Hanging Stand holds 72-80 Footed Pez Dispensers


We designed our Hanging Stand for Pez dispensers to look like a big Pez
dispenser poster!

Each of the six levels feature a custom groove for your Pez dispensers
to slide into.

Say good-bye to falling Pez!

Our Hanging Stand works with any Pez dispenser with feet, including
POP! Pez.

Fully loaded, the hanging stand measures:

16" Wide
24" High
3.75" Deep,

and weighs only 6 lbs!

The Hanging Stand attaches simply to your wall with two screws.

Under an exclusive license, we are happy to offer the exact same product made by the Burlingame Museum of PEZ Memorabilia for over 20 years.


The Hanging Stand is $99.95,
plus shipping.

Clear Dust Cover for Hanging Stand

Our Dust Cover for the Hanging Stand will protect your Pez investment from dust and other airborne contaminants.

It will also filter ultraviolet light (UV-light). UV-light will fade the colors on your Pez dispensers.

The Dust Cover is made from shatter-resistant, museum grade acrylic plastic, and quickly installs in seconds.

Protect your Pez investment!


The Dust Cover is $109.95,
plus shipping.

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East Coast West

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E-Mail: EastCoastWestsfo@gmail.com

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